The Lasker Public Lecture

November 21, 2021

an honor and a chance to reach out

One reason to be a little preoccupied-- in September the Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research was awarded to my friends and colleagues Peter Hegemann and Dieter Oesterhelt, along with me, for our discoveries on microbial opsins (which are fundamental tools for optogenetics but also pretty cool little bio-devices from nature, that turn light into electricity)....  

This resulted in the the 2021 Lasker Public Lecture:

The lecture was designed for everyone, as well as for scientists, and it's just a moment in time of sharing the joy: basic science discovery, through curiosity-driven exploration of the natural world.

The image was sent from Berlin from Peter Hegemann: the Lasker emblem (winged Nike, or victory, of Samothrace).