The first two weeks

July 1, 2021

I've been so heartened by all the responses to Projections over the first two weeks since launch. As one example, in Science:

regarding the “weaving together…psychiatric knowledge, technology, and imagination” in Projections, the review went on to say "These together free him to write poetically...His narratives are always sensitive…an admixture of fact and fiction, reality and imagination, damage and desire." 


This kind of response from the reading public is so valuable since it can feel awkward, in conveying exciting modern science, to also make clear the limits of knowledge. But it was worth the effort for this book– and the public response shows that readers get it– understanding that many exciting discoveries are still in our future…


Thanks to all readers who are sharing #Projections by word-of-mouth or posting photos & favorite passages, as well as to all the local or indie bookstores (Menlo Park/Kepler’s shown).